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Whatsapp Hotline

You can reach us by Whatsapp by using the link below.

Disclosure Form

You can reach our disclosure form by using the link below.

Renowned Specialists in Plastic Surgery!

Focus Clinic

As a family of Focus Clinic, we deal with the all problems of our patients, we listen all the problems of them and we consider their desires for sure. We inform our patients in a correct way, to reach the most accurate result. We adopt the mutual trust and transparency, and always reflect the right information and understanding to our patients within the framework of ethical values. All products, instruments and devices are the product of the latest technology and are used exclusively, in Focus Clinic. Our patients are our guests. The operations are carried out in extremely superior and high quality conditions, for the comfort of the patient. Our patients can contact us for 24 hours, after the operation. Our priority is that to make our patients to feel themselves special.

Our Expert staff

We are at your service with our expert staff in all branches.

Medical Tourism

You can visit the beauties of Istanbul while the treatment.

7 / 24 Service

Our expert staff is on your service in 7/24.


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